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9 Out of 10 Detox Diet Programs Don’t Work And
Can Actually Be Harmful To Your Health

Industry Insider Uncovers NEVER
Way Too Lose Up To 10
Pounds, Cleanse Your Body Of Harmful
Toxins, Rejuvenate Your Lifeless, Saggy
Skin And Feel Youthful Energy Pulse
Through Your Veins In Just 7 Days

This Industry Insider “Mrs X” Accessed A
Secure Research Database And Extracted
HIDDEN SECRETS That Will Literally Shock You
And Change The Way You Think About

STOP! Many Detox Diets Will Leave Your Feeling
Lethargic, Restless and Tired As They Starve Your Body
Of The Exact Nutrients You Need To Survive…

…This Industry Insiders 7 Day Step-By-Step Detox Will
Healthily Remove Harmful Toxins From Your Body And
Restore You To Your Youthful Self.

Dear Friend,

I cannot reveal to you who I am as the exact secrets contained within this page are being concealed from the public eye.  The big drug companies and other detox diet programs don’t want you to know this information.

In fact I only stumbled across this HIDDEN SECRET when I was given access to a secure database of research and extracted some startling information.  Once I found this out I stopped all diets, I stopped detoxing and sat down and built my very own, healthy way to detox and lose weight, without starving!

Don’t get me wrong, your body needs to detox so that it can:

slow the ageing process back to “normal speeds”…

…over the last 50 years our bodies have been exposed to increasing levels of “bad” toxins that result in a quicker deterioration of our organs and a FASTER ageing process

become more efficient at metabolizing, creating energy and eliminating waste…

…”bad” toxins “clog” your body making it harder for your metabolism to produce energy and eliminate waste

fight off life threatening diseases…

…the World Health Organisation states that one-fourth of all diseases are caused by environmental exposure, your body needs to expel the “bad” toxins in order to fight off disease.

A Large Percentage Of Detox Programs
Actually Do HARM To Your Long Term Health…

…Reverse These Effects And The Effects Of
“Bad” Toxins Today By Using My 7 Day Step-By
-Step Detox Program

I am extremely worried that if you don’t start detoxing the “right way” that you will prematurely age and possibly die a painful death from a disease you could have prevented.

For too long we have fought illness only when we are ill, it’s time to stop being re-active and pro-actively help your body to live a long, healthy and happy life.

When you feel healthy you are:

  • rested
  • happy
  • motivated
  • fit
  • energetic
  • loving
  • friendly
  • stress free
  • longer living
  • thriving
  • disease free
  • empowered
  • confident
  • sexy
  • stronger
  • more sexual

Let’s Face It When You Are Healthy You Are
The Best Version Of You, You Need To Be
Healthy Not Just For You, But For Your
Family And Your Friends

But to be healthy you must be willing to be pro-active, you must be willing to invest both time and money into maintaining your good health.  No I am not talking about giving up all the foods that you love, what I am talking about is:

implementing a easy to follow 7 Day Step-By-Step Detox Program

learning how to “alkalize” your body

incorporating healthy food that can cleanse your body into every day meals

small changes to your recipes to include more natural elements

I Am Talking About Simple Changes That Major
Corporations Don’t Want You To Know About!

Major corporations make MASSIVE money when mis-informed people like you and I invest in “detox programs” or “diet pills” which only work for a short period of time, if they work at all!

I personally have invested time and time again in these “programs” and “pills” and while I felt good for a short term it always wore off.  I wanted to find out WHY I only felt good for a short time and HOW I could make that feeling life long.

So I went searching, I went snooping and finally I got access to a SECURED, RESTRICTED database of research.  Information that is closely guarded and kept from everyday people like you...

…Information that if you had access to it would allow you to live a stronger, healthier and happier life free of toxins.

For example, did you know that there are 242 different vegetable and fruit recipes that will naturally cleanse your body of toxins.  If you were to implement just some of these recipes into your normal meal planning there would be no need for “detox programs” or “diet pills”.

The BIG companies don’t want you to know this, they want you kept in the dark so that you fork out your hard earned cash for their expensive, push button solutions that are designed to wear off.

I Have Had Enough…I Want To Give You The
Exact Information That Has Empowered Me To
Be Happier, Healthier, Lighter, Younger And
More Energetic

When you get this information you will never again have to spend any money of well-marketed detox programs or diet pills.  You will have the exact information you need to detox yourself and live a toxin FREE life NATURALLY.

In fact I guarantee that once reading and using this information that you will:

lose up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days

cleanse your body and normalize your metabolism

naturally shift away from unhealthy habits

reduce the changes of illness, body ache and aching joints

feel more energetic and youthful

Now that’s a bold promise….But it’s one that I can back up, don’t just take my word for it, here are what a few people who have this “Inside Knowledge” had to say:

"More energised than ever! "

note : Talisa sent me a very long email, so I just cut out some important parts and place it here.

Dear Tom,

... Those 7 days changed my eating habits completely! I feel more energised than ever! Although that list of things we use everyday which are toxic scared me quite a bit, I am more aware of the products I use now.

As for the diet, what I liked about the diet is that it wasnt very complex. It was easy to follow and I especially liked the last instruction. After following the diet and I felt more refreshed than anything when I woke up in the morning!

... Funnily enough, I don't even want to even look at junk food anymore: the sight of processed food makes me feel sick.

...What I also really liked about the ebook was that you not only gave a step by step diet, but you also gave us ways on how to implement parts of the diet into our everyday life.

Talisa Krauer, Student (Malta)

"My face becomes baby smooth... I'll periodically use this diet to help keep my system healthy. "

After the diet, my face becomes baby smooth. I feel good.

My intestinal issue becomes much better now. I don't have the severe reflux issue that I normally have. I don't feel bloated and gaseous like before.

The detox diet was easy to follow and it's very healthy! I'll periodically use this 7 day diet to help keep my system healthy.

Thank you so much for the information and communication.

Jamie Curry, Ph. D., CNIM, MBA, B.A., R. EEG T. (Mabelvale, Arkansas)

By making this information available to you today I have ruined my chances of ever going back into this industry.  I am not worried about that but it means that my sole source of income has now been destroyed.

So today, when you get access to this information I am going to charge you a small, affordable “ACCESS FEE”.  This fee will give you instant access to the very information that the BIG CORPORATIONS don’t want you to have.

But before I tell you more about the “ACCESS FEE” let me tell you exactly what you will get.

Industry Insider “Mrs X” Reveals HIDDEN
Secrets To Detoxing Safely Step-By-Step
In Just 7 Days.

When you decide to invest today you will receive:


Inclusion 1: “Industry Insider Secrets To Safely Detoxing Step-By-Step In Just 7 Days – The Guide” (VALUED AT $197)

This precision guide is written solely by me and reveals to you the exact secrets I learnt and now use on a daily basis to remain healthy, energetic, youthful and “bad” toxin free.

There is no fluff, no hype, no marketing and no further courses for you to invest in I have included in this guide everything I know and everything you need for a healthier life.

Included in this guide is a Step-By-Step plan to detox in just 7 days without starving yourself of the very nutrients your body needs to survive and thrive.  Once you have read this guide you will never again need to purchase a “detox program” or “diet pills”.

The most crucial part of this guide is the last few pages where I tell you exactly what you should do once you have completed the 7 day detox.  Many people know how to diet but they don’t know how to continue to live a healthy well adjusted live on a daily basis.


Inclusion 2: “242 Vegetable And Fruit Recipes Designed To Naturally Detox Your Body” (VALUED AT $97)

This comprehensive digital guide of recipes gives you 242 different vegetable and fruit recipes that will help to naturally detox your body.  There are certain fruits and vegetables when eaten right that can naturally detox your body. 

No longer do you need to do “detox diets” as you can be “detoxing” every single day without even knowing it.

Inclusion 3: “How To Alkalize Your Body Safely And Naturally” (VALUED AT $97)

This digital guide shows you how to alkalize your body safely and naturally using safe foods/fruits/vegetables that are alkalizing in nature.  The guide contains a HUGE list of these “safe foods” a list that is well guarded and not readily available.

Industry Insider “Mrs X” Compiled Her
Comprehensive Knowledge Of Healthy Detoxing
Into 3 Easy To Follow Digital Guides…

…These Guides Contain Never Revealed
By Information That The Big Corporations Don’t Want
You To Know!

Secure your copy of these information packed guides right now by clicking the link below:

There is a small “ACCESS FEE” that you will need to pay for getting hold off this information.  I am not doing this to “rake in the money” but I have left my job and sacrificed my career so that I can bring this information to you.

You need to know EVERY SINGLE SECRET contained in these 3 easy to follow guides so I have made it very affordable to invest in.  You deserve to have a healthier, happier and longer life so don’t delay, invest today!

Today, as a release special I am going to make these 3 guides affordable for everyone and instead of charging $197 (which world be well and truly a STEAL) I am going to charge you just….


That’s right you will get:

Inclusion 1: “Industry Insider Secrets To Safely Detoxing Step-By-Step In Just 7 Days – The Guide” (VALUED AT $197)

Inclusion 2: “242 Vegetable And Fruit Recipes Designed To Naturally Detox Your Body” (VALUED AT $97)

Inclusion 3: “How To Alkalize Your Body Safely And Naturally” (VALUED AT $97)

Today when you invest just $27 and don’t forget it’s RISK FREE.

Secure your copy right now by clicking the button below:

60 Day “Love It” Money Back Guarantee

Invest in the 3 guides today, download them and use them and any time in the next 60 days you decide your not happy, then just ask for a refund and I’ll happily give it to you.  I am 100% sure that you will “love it” once you have it so either “love it” or get your money back – it’s that simple.

On top of that I also guarantee that you will:

  • lose up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days
  • cleanse your body and normalize your metabolism
  • naturally shift away from unhealthy habits
  • reduce the changes of illness, body ache and aching joints
  • feel more energetic and youthful

I cant be any fairer than that!

I am not sure for how long I will be able to make this information available for, I am certain that the BIG CORPORATIONS will get wind that I am revealing their inner-secrets and will try and stop me.

In fact I have seen this happen before, I have seen the BIG CORPORATIONS squash little people like me for revealing the truth.  The truth hurts their profits and they don’t like that.

So take action today as you may revisit tomorrow and I have had to take this site down.

Secure Order Form :
The Body Detox SECRET

The Body Detox SECRET + 2 Free Bonuses - $47 $27

Looking forward to seeing a healthier, happier you

Yours sincerely,

Industry Insider “Mrs X”


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